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The employment landscape has evolved, and Square One Solutions has evolved with it. We understand the shifts in the job market and are always ready to assist you in finding the best talent in Northern Nevada.

Advantages of Using Square One Solutions

With our in-depth knowledge and constant monitoring of candidate behaviors and trends, we're equipped to help you navigate the evolving job market. In a commoditized industry, we strive to understand your business and your staffing goals. We help lower your labor costs and offer flexibility or a way to acquire talent without having to spend as much time and money.



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Pros of Utilizing Square One Solutions

Whether you're an employer or a job seeker, partnering with Square One Solutions offers numerous benefits:

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Our staffing solutions


“The Proof is in the pudding.” How would you like a sneak preview into a candidate’s work ethic, reliability and cultural fit before you commit to hiring them full time? With Square One Solutions, you can do just that. Our staff will work with you to understand every detail of your open role and hone in on your ideal or unicorn candidate. Then, you can work that person in a trial period, get to know them and see how they fit in with your team before making a permanent decision.

This cuts down on onboarding and training costs, work comp costs, unemployment insurance costs and lost productivity for your team having to start hiring process over and over again to find the right hire.

traditional day labor

“Flexible hiring options anywhere from a day to several weeks.” How would you like the ability to flex your workforce immediately based on your customer demands or needs to backfill your absent employees? With Square One Solutions Day Labor services, you can instantly augment your workforce by picking up the phone and calling Square One Solutions.

We can help you increase your staff by up to 75 employees a day for whatever duration you need! This can allow a company to stay “lean and mean” while still being able to react to, and serve your customer’s needs.

direct placement

In some situations, the recruiting partnership can be so targeted, clear and successful that you may want to immediately hire a candidate we find for your company so they have quicker access to candidates and feel like they are part of your team right out the gate. In this scenario, you would pay a one-time fee upon hire of a candidate sourced, qualified and screened by Square One Solutions, giving you a “plug and play” employee who is instantly part of your team.

This services is backed by Square One Solutions Direct Hire Guarantee.

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