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Come Apply Now!

8am to 2pm application hours

6:15am to 5pm business hours



We consistently receive construction labor positions for both residential and commercial builders across Reno / Sparks and the surrounding area. Most of this work only requires a commitment to complete a single 8-hour shift, however we have longer-lasting availability as well. It is feasible to utilize these opportunities for a full 40 hours per week and offers of permanent employment with one of our customers are frequently presented. We offer daily payments for this scope of work and can accommodate various schedules. Most of this work does not require any experience; if you’re interested in starting in the construction field this is an excellent avenue.

What is required?

1. Transportation

Most job sites require personal transportation. However, if you are without a personal vehicle, we frequently have opportunities for carpooling.

2. OSHA 10-hour construction safety certification

All applicants must have OSHA 10-Hour in order to perform in this capacity beyond a period of 14 days. We have a program available for employees to become certified through an online program which can be completed for free.

3. Safety equipment

Steel toe boots, a hard hat, and a reflective vest are required for work on a construction site. If you do not have these items, we do have them available!


Various locations - Reno/Sparks & surrounding area




General Labor

Unskilled tasks that require moderate physical exertion. Typically focused on sweeping and picking up trash, however it can include a variety of tasks such as moving materials, pulling weeds.

Heavy Labor

Unskilled tasks that require a higher level of physical exertion. Typically focused on digging, moving furniture, demolition, concrete labor, and snow shoveling.

Skilled Labor

Specific tasks that can vary in levels of physical exertion. Typically focused on punch-list carpentry, finish carpentry, form setting, concrete finishing, and electrical.

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Submission of interest

Apply online using the form below or stop by at our office and apply. Walk-in applications are accepted at our office Monday-Friday 8:00am-2:00pm, no appointment necessary. The application can be completed within 10 minutes and interviews are held upon completion.


780 Smithridge Dr, Ste 100 Reno, NV 89502


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